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New generation connected vehicles need round the clock monitoring of parts health and predict failures. It enables organizations to avoid failures and unplanned downtime, reduce maintenance costs.

With our VH Insight Diagnostics & Prognostics Library, we provide APIs to develop the prognostics or predicative applications for fleet or repair shop applications.


How IntelliMaint or VH Insight Diagnostics & Prognostics Library works:

  • IntelliMaint Analytics software library offers an integrated set of functions written in Python that aids in vehicle /Industrial PHM Analytics application Development as per ISO 13374 standard for R&D and production. The library includes various state-of-the-art algorithms that are accessible by users with simple APIs for physics based and data driven development. 

  • Thus, the library accelerates the analysis and the development /deployment phase for even the novice users. Most of the APIs are provided with intuitive visualizations that guide in choosing the apt algorithm for a system component. Each block in the library is built as an independent module thus used as a plug and play module. The expert users are provided with a provision to add new algorithms for specific use cases. Library enables self and fleet based real time monitoring. The PHM software application can be deployed into embedded control hardware or cloud platforms.

IntelliMaint - Vehicle Health (VH) Insight Monitoring System for Advanced Diagnostics & Prognostics

IntelliMaint - Vehicle Health (VH) Insight Monitoring System for Advanced Diagnostics & Prognostics

  • D & P Toolbox is a building block to provide Cloud based Services for Advanced Diagnostics.

  • It implements the algorithm for anomaly detection, Health assessment and Prognostics as per ISO 13374. 

  • The algorithms can be used to develop Predictive Diagnostics applications for any subsystem /component. 

Applications that can be developed using the VH Insight Diagnostics & Prognostics Library:

  • VH - insight Multibrand Fleet App

  • VH - insight Multibrand Repair Shops APP

With the increased cost pressure and competition, VH Insight D&P system can help the OEMs to have an edge over the competitors. 

Reach us for the more details and enhance the vehicle capability with Diagnostics and Prognostics.


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