IntelliMaint IntelliMaint  enables anomaly detection and Prediction capabilities that can deliver 10x cost savings and operational efficiency improvements to machine and vehicle manufacturers and users. 

IntelliMaint learns from sensor and protocol data, identifies impending failures long before they occur and alerts operators to sub-optimal operation before it can cause any harm.

How it works :

IntelliMaint applies sophisticated algorithms, to tons of  sensor data and Derived Data, generated by Electric and mechanical components from machines or vehicles. 

IntelliMaint  will do the following: 

1. Acquire data from Sensor or  communication port using  IntelliKonnect Module

2.    Transform data using Data Transformation tool

3.    Stream Transformed data in realtime to  cloud  that runs best in class Algorithms.  

4.    Generate Actionable insights  and notify via email or SMS. Support  Root cause Analysis.


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