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IntelliMaint  enables anomaly detection and Prediction capabilities that can deliver 10x cost savings and operational efficiency improvements to machine and vehicle manufacturers and users. IntelliMaint learns from sensor and protocol data, identifies impending failures long before they occur and alerts operators to sub-optimal operation before it can cause any harm. 

IntelliMaint applies sophisticated algorithms to tons of sensor data and Derived Data, generated by Electric and mechanical components from machines or vehicles.


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Data Transformation

Data transformation is referred to as Data Flow Automation  to the tasks of scheduling,  coordinating, and managing data flows  which are sequences of data processing actions.   

Data transformation is a key aspect in Predictive Analytics in transforming the collected data from different sensors/ locations/ machines and convert in to a usable format to predictive models for analytics. 




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IntelliConnekt Gateway is a cost-effective and high-performance Telematics Control hardware platform. It is designed to communicate to Vehicles and Machines, providing connectivity for embedded applications in the driver cockpit or standalone applications that can be accessed via a Smartphone or Desktop.  It is build over a 32 bit ARM series microcontroller  having data acquisition support for different kinds of signals and  having wired  & wireless connectivity  to various infrastructure with on board data storage feature.  


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News Flash

Intellipredikt has won the second prize Award in Numenta Anomaly Bench Mark Competition for our starter motor anomaly detection use case.

NAB is the most Robust benchmark for measuring anomaly detection algorithms on streaming data..

Alliances and Partnership with DG Tech



Attended ARC India Conference July 9,10 in Bangalore

Exhibiting in Telematics India 2016 Conference - September 21,22 in Bangalore

PHM 2016 Conference -Oct 2-8 Denver CO



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